Hockey for Heroes


Adult Ice Hockey Tournament


Friday, May 18th through Sunday, May 20th, 2018


Twin Ponds East
3904 Corey Rd.
Harrisburg, PA 17109


Puchog Inc. - To support the Puchog Hockey for Heroes hockey program


Pro Am and Open Divisions

PUCHOG Inc. presents the 5th Annual Hockey for Heroes tournament. The Event will be filled with fun activities. This event will raise money for the PUCHOG Ice Hockey Program.


I. Registration

A. This is a USA Hockey sanctioned tournament. All players must be registered with USA Hockey for the 2018 season. Any team that plays an ineligible player shall forfeit the game and may be suspended from further play without refund. USA Hockey rules govern this tournament.

B. In order for any division to be formed, at least 4 fully paid teams must be registered by April 21, 2018. If a division does not have 4 fully paid teams by that date, the registered teams will be notified and given the option of playing in another appropriate division or receive a refund.

C. Individual players may register at $30.00 per game and will be placed on an appropriate team as needed.

D. Tournament cost is $800.00 per team through April 21, 2018. After April 21, the cost per team is $1,050.00 through May 12, 2018. Thereafter, the cost is $1,150.00 per team. To secure a team’s place in the tournament, a non-refundable deposit of $250.00 is due at the time of registration. Full payment is due by May 18, 2018.

E. There is no minimum number of players for a team. The maximum team size is limited to 15 players. Each team is guaranteed 3 games. In order to be eligible for a play-off game, a player must have participated in at least one preliminary game with that team.

F. Players will receive donated items, lunch on Saturday and complimentary beverages through the tournament for participating in the tournament.

G. The winning team in each division will receive a really nice prize.


A. All players must have fun!

B. Players shall sign in on a roster sheet prior to each game. Each game shall have a 3 minute warm up and one minute intermissions between periods.

C. All games will consist of three 12 minute stopped-time periods. If the score difference is 6 goals or more at any time during the third period, the clock goes to running time. If the goal differential drops to 3 or less, stop-time is reinstated.

D. Championship Game Determinations. The two teams with the most wins in each division shall play for the division championship. If there is a tie among teams, their position shall be determined in the following order:

1. winner in head-to-head game;

2. team with the fewest goals allowed in its preliminary games;

3. team with the quickest goal scored in its preliminary games;

4. coin flip.

E. In the divisional championship game, each team is permitted one 30 second time-out.

F. If the divisional championship game is tied at the end of three periods, the following procedures will be used to break the tie:

1. Each team shall designate 5 players to compete in a shootout if the sudden-victory overtime does not decide the game. Players serving penalties at the end of overtime are not eligible to participate in the shootout and may not be substituted for.

2. A five minute sudden-victory 4 on 4 period shall take place. The teams shall not switch ends. All penalties from prior periods shall carry over to overtime. Teams will skate with at least 3 players (traditionally 2 skaters and a goalie). If penalized below that number, the opposing team will skate additional players until the first stoppage in play at which time the teams will return to 4 on 4.

3. If neither team scores, the shootout shall take place. The five designated players, if eligible, from each team shall alternate shots with the home team deciding which team shoots first. The team with the most goals at the end of the five shooter shootout wins the championship. If the teams are still tied, each team shall designate another shooter who has not previously participated in the shootout to shoot in the next round. All players, including goalies, must participate before a player may shoot again. The shootout continues until one team scores and the other team does not.

G. Tournament officials reserve the right to apply their own discretion to resolve any conflicts but are not permitted to alter or reduce any penalties called by the officials.


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